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Well, this year quickly turned to crap.  I had started to work on my comics, getting some pages laid out and character profiles sketched.  The end of March and first part of April were busy for me, non-drawing-wise.  And then towards the end of April I had to put my dog to sleep.  And it sucked.  And so, I felt like doing nothing.  And then about two weeks later my grandma broke her hip.  May and most of June were non-anything art months.

And so when life slowed down I continued drawing.  And then it got too hot to do anything, as I hand draw my stuff and hate sweating all over the paper.  It's just gross.

I have ideas for non-comic related stuff I want to draw and still need to flesh out some of the Lupin Grail and Cowardly Valiant characters.  So when the weather cools down I will force myself to work on that stuff.

I also want to build my own drafting table, as it's a whole lot cheaper than buying one.  I just need the money for materials, which I hope to have soon.  And that way I can be away from the computer and be in my own little drawing area of my room, like how I used to have it before I moved, when I was drawing every day.  I long to return to those days.  They were fun.

Lately I've been writing reviews for that Fujiko Lupin series that came out a couple of years ago.  It's awful.  Avoid it at all costs.  It's like one long awful fanfic.  With horrible art.  Well, overall the art isn't bad.  The character art is bad.  For the main characters.  And some of the non-main characters.  Luckily it's only thirteen episodes, though.  Unluckily, it's one long awful fanfic.  I have no idea why people go on about it.  I'd rather watch third series Lupin, Bye Bye Liberty Crisis, Legend of the Gold of Babylon, From Russia with Love, and Castle of Cagliostro (only because it's from that dummy Miyazaki and not really Lupin).  On a loop.  For forever.
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United States
I go by Twonk and I live in a confusing and backwards place where the only positive is the weather. I am lazy and sometimes draw, sometimes posting those sometimes drawings here. I am a hermit, but sadly don't live in an awesome cave. Someday I'll have my cave and the world will gaze upon me in jealousy. That is my goal in life.

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