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Some months ago I got a newer, used computer, so I may be able to add art here again.

Only problem is my scanner doesn't work with the newer OS, so...  xD  I foresee myself going back and forth between the two computers.  A lot.

Last year I sadly didn't get much done, as the majority of it was spent depressed for no real reason other than for my body to mess with me.  I started taking vitamins for some other problem and my moods have improved.  I also stopped drinking sodas and cut out caffeine completely.  Not sure if either has had any sort of effect, but I like to think it did.  xD

I have made a list of the things I would like to get done this year.  And although it mainly consists of reviews and writings, I do have art and comic stuff on there.  I am currently working (slowly) on the Hunt for the Grail cover page and the character profile pics.

I had this odd zombie dream this morning and this one type of zombie was like a fridge with arms, legs and a human face on the door.  And it would scream angrily and emit this smoke and if you inhaled it you became very horny and would want to screw the first person you saw.  And I was fighting all these various types of zombies and annoyed at the people making out or flirting with others.  And before I woke up I was walking around looking for zombies and came across an orgy.  I was not amused.  Dumbest.  Zombie dream.  Ever.  Also, at one point all these people parachuted down to help with the zombie battle and it was a mix of hippies, yuppies, old people and Team Rocket members.  Not amused at all!  >=[
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United States
I go by Twonk and I live in a confusing and backwards place where the only positive is the weather. I am lazy and sometimes draw, sometimes posting those sometimes drawings here. I am a hermit, but sadly don't live in an awesome cave. Someday I'll have my cave and the world will gaze upon me in jealousy. That is my goal in life.

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